DIY Acrylic Stamped Shoes

acrylic paint stamped tom style shoes 00

A few months ago, my standard summer shoes (aka cheap canvas slip-ons) were looking a little gnarly around the edges.

I’d recently DIY’ed a tribal print pattern onto a wooden box I had laying around the house. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do anything to that caliber of detail on something with a canvas surface, but I thought that the same concept might work!

Since making this DIY in June, I’ve had a ton of compliments on the pattern, and even with three months of wear, they’re still looking as colorful as they did the day I made them!

The details…

DIY Acrylic Stamped Shoes

Total Cost: $20
Total Time Spent: 30 Minutes
Difficulty: Easy

acrylic paint stamped tom style shoes 01

01// First thing I did was choose my paint colors, and gather my supplies.

Other than the paint, my supplies were: a plastic veggie tray lid that I found in my recycling, my collection of permanent markers, the sponge from the back of the kitchen sink, and a pair of cheap canvas shoes that I bought on sale last summer.

The only thing to remember when rounding up your materials is to make sure you grab a foam sponge, and not one of these guys.

The latter don’t stamp as well in my experience, and will leave your design full of paintless spots.

acrylic paint stamped tom style shoes 02

02// Next, it was time for my paint color to hit my makeshift paint tray.

The sponge that I had on hand was rectangular, so I just cut off each corner in a different size. I also purposely did not take a photo of said triangle cuts, because my sponge was well used and well, pretty gnarly.

acrylic paint stamped tom style shoes 03

03// I started by stamping two large triangles in the darkest paint color I had, which was navy blue. The idea for this is really similar to my other tribal print DIY – start with darker colors, go to light, and then layer smaller details on top.

acrylic paint stamped tom style shoes 04

04// Next came my coral paint.

I didn’t wait for the blue to dry, primarily because I have the crafting patience of a kindergartener, I just went with my medium sponge, and tried to keep an inch of space between the two colors.

I also added a triangle on the heel, which was had a 50/50 chance of working out at the time, but looks awesome now!

acrylic paint stamped tom style shoes 06

05// I continued along, angling my triangular stamps in different ways, and finally moved on to the mint green paint.

At this point I maybe waited five minutes between the pink/blue and green.

To get the smaller dots, I tilted the sponge to the side, and used the pointiest corner of the triangle to dip and stamp.

acrylic paint stamped tom style shoes 07

06// This is what the backs looked like that this point (covered in stamped paint, and tons of Shasta’s hair!)

acrylic paint stamped tom style shoes 08

07// Why no, that isn’t a typo in the photo – this is my Sharpei collection, twelve permanent, felt tipped pens just bursting with saturated color and coming right at me from the Dollar Store.

I was originally considering using a few colors for this project, but I just stuck with black as other shades didn’t translate too well onto the acrylic paint. Maybe if they were Sharpies.

acrylic paint stamped tom style shoes 09

08// I doodled with the black marker to create some visual interest – lots of dots, dashes, Xs and thick stripey lines.

acrylic paint stamped tom style shoes 10

09// And I did the same thing to the back heels, mirroring the same design on both shoes.

acrylic paint stamped tom style shoes 11

10// That’s it! I gave them overnight to dry, and have been wearing them ever since with no loss of paint, color or Sharpei.

If you really wanted to, you could weather proof them with beeswax, or shoe waterproofing spray, though I have been wearing mine since June with no issues.

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  • Helene

    i love this idea! you could do this with so many different things!

    • Ashley Migneault

      Totally! I may or may not be moderately obsessed with paint stamping things haha.

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  • Maria

    It so creative. I have forward this link to my daughter.

  • Kayli Schattner

    These are too cute! I’m not exactly the crafty type but I can see myself maybe pulling this one off :) awesome!