My teenage years can best be summed up with three words: bad style choices.

Okay, four: really bad style choices.

One of the two most notable phases that I went through as a pre-teen happened while the majority of my peers were taking the white gangsta route (let’s think about a bunch of pallid-looking teenaged boys trying to dress like Eminem, Nelly and Fred Durst for a second.)

Well, I went the opposite way.

Like, ended my 13th year with a bedroom wallpapered in posters of NSYNC and Britney Spears type of way.

And yes, this post has officially solidified my boy band camp as NSYNC. Deal with it.
My musical preferences were always and have always been very relevant to the way I look. In this case, the bubble gum obsession inspired me to covet thick silver glittered eye shadow, glassy, endlessly sticky lip gloss, and a never-ending roster of hair product as I tried in vain to get my hair to look as purposely unkempt as Britney’s.

shoppers 30 days of beauty britney spears fairy makeup #30DaysofBeauty

Throughout all of this, I would religiously go to the Shoppers Drug Mart on my lunch break at school to dip my fingers into as many opened eye shadows as possible. Typically, I would end up buying enough N.Y.C. makeup to qualify as a company shareholder, and would be back on my merry way with my discman spinning Lucky on repeat.

The strange thing is that the second major phase I went through couldn’t have been more different from the one that preceded it, which made looking at the difference between 15 and 16 year old me all the more hilarious.

One night, I discovered the wonder that was pop-punk music. Bratty, bouncy pop-punk, full of gloriously swearword laden lyrics. I had finally, surprisingly, found my people.

shoppers 30 days of beauty my makeup in 2004 #30DaysofBeauty

So one day I’m this Britney Spears gangbusters wannabe who watches concert VHS tapes on repeat, and the next I’m listening to record after record of pop-punk and punk music, honing in on the pink hair and the dark makeup and the safety pins.

And boy, I went there.

I hauled my discman back to Shoppers, and became a major supporter of Manic Panic hair dye and black eyeliner. Eyeliner all down my cheeks, to be specific, caked on my eyelids and smeared underneath my eyes in some bizarre attempt to present myself as the female version of Benji Madden.

And so, soon my lunch break Shoppers run turned from coveting the fancy, shimmery Rimmel glitter, to buying sticks of black eyeliner by the handful.

I mean, as a teenaged girl in Canada, I always relied heavily upon Shoppers Drug Mart to get my makeup fix.

To this day, I will hit up Shoppers regularly on the way home from work, or before an important party to pick up a refresher on my hair color (Feria 41 Rich Mahogany, thank you), a bottle of on-trend nail polish (obviously this season was coral), or a Smashbox powder splurge (as pale as you can get it, basically.)

Starting now.this month Shoppers Drug Mart happens to be celebrating their 4th Annual 30 Days of Beauty event, which is one glorious month packed full of brand new beauty tutorials, online videos (including behind the scenes videos found on YouTube), in-store makeovers, and product coupons. It’s pretty much the biggest beauty event of the year.

Basically, if this was something that existed when I was a teenager who didn’t know the difference between eye shadow and eyeliner, I wouldn’t have to now endure photo after traumatizing photo of my then makeup choices.

0176 14 30 DOB GWP BB Counter Card Lrg 8.5x11.5 #30DaysofBeauty

The 30 Days of Beauty event runs for an entire month – from August 16th, to September 14th – and includes products and deals from all of your faves. There will also be is daily excitement in-store, including one- day only offers as well as campaign offers on all your fav beauty brands.

Don’t forget to check out 30DaysofBeauty.ca throughout the month, as a daily offer will be revealed each day of the month.

Check it out in stores too, as an exclusive gift will be given with purchase from August 23rd to August 29th when you spend $75 or more on cosmetics, skin care, or fragrances. Not into free gifts? Book yourself for a five minute makeover instead!

So! My Canadian friends, make sure you take advantage of this awesome opportunity – and American readers, don’t be too jelly!

You know I’ll be there!

Shoppers drug mart Logo #30DaysofBeauty

Although this post has been generously sponsored by Shoppers Drug Mart, the opinions and language are all my own, and in no way do they reflect Shoppers Drug Mart.

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How to: Apply an imPRESS Press-on Manicure

how to apply broadway nails 1 How to: Apply an imPRESS Press on Manicure

Okay okay, I know.

Applying a press-on manicure is not exactly rocket science, and Broadway Nails makes it really, really easy to stick and go.

But I have worn a few sets of these guys over the last few months – I got my first set from Influenster in December and ever since then I’ve been hooked – and have definitely figured out some stuff that works and some stuff that doesn’t.

This is the method that I use to apply the imPRESS Press-on Manicure, and find that by doing it this way I can get about four days of solid wear out of them.

All you’ll need is your imPRESS Press-on Manicure, a nail kit, and some clear base coat.

how to apply broadway nails 2 How to: Apply an imPRESS Press on Manicure

First, whip that nail kit out.

I always trim my nails way down first. Once I applied the imPRESS Press-on Manicure right over top of my normal length nails, and noticed that it looked a little strange because you could see my own nails plus the imPRESS Press-on Manicure nails when you looked at my hand palm up.

After I trim my nails, I press my cuticles down.

how to apply broadway nails 3 How to: Apply an imPRESS Press on Manicure

Next, I go through the kit and pick out the right sizes.

Once I have all of my nails lined up, I then slap a quick coat of clear base polish over my nails. I let it dry a bit until it’s sticky before applying the imPRESS Press-on Manicure nails.

Also, if you do happen to lose a nail later in the week, throw some clear base coat on it and pop it back on.

how to apply broadway nails 4 How to: Apply an imPRESS Press on Manicure

Last, it’s time to press the nails on.

I always line them up and go through and peel the backings off. I find the process way easier when I’m not fighting with the plastic sticky backings when my hands are covered in clear base coat and freshly applied press-ons.

Start from your thumb and work to your pinky.

how to apply broadway nails 5 How to: Apply an imPRESS Press on Manicure

And blam-o! You have some rad nails.

You should get anywhere from 3-7 days wear out of applying the set like this. It really depends on how much water you’re sticking your hands in. Usually after a shower I’ll check how sturdy they all are, and re-apply clear base coat to any as necessary.

Have any of you guys ever worn imPRESS Press-on Manicure? How did it go?

PS: Thanks, Influenster, for the new set! If anyone wants an Influenster invite, just leave me a comment with your email address below.

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